There is a Mix of Apartments for Rent in Oakland, CA

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People who are looking for apartments for rent in Oakland, CA will find that they have a mix of options. They can choose vintage units that have considerable charm and often good locations. Or they can find a new complex that offers quite a few features and details.


Some of the vintage units began their lives as a large Victorian-style house. Many of these have been carved into studio units while others house a home-like unit on each floor. These are popular with some students as they often have all or part of the utilities paid. They have features like interesting woodwork and architecture but sometimes choppy floor plans with small closets.


People that want something more modern have lots of choices. There is a considerable range of offerings including condos for rent in Oakland, CA. Many prefer the apartment complexes because these tend to have more added value than condominiums. This may come in the form of things like a cyber café where people enjoy having coffee and reading online. Or people may want a place that has a pool, fitness room or some other feature they can use recreationally. A few places have unique touches like a rooftop deck or fire pits. One has a rotating art gallery that showcases the work of local artists.


The newer places tend to have better options for storage. This is always a concern for people who live in complexes, as there may not be a way to store everything in their units. People who ride bikes will look for a secure area such as the balcony or a private patio area to store them. Others may have camping equipment or extra household items that they want to store outside. Having access to a cupboard outside can often fill the bill in these cases. People are also looking for good interior storage features. They want large closets in bedrooms and large pantries in kitchens. With many of the units having 42” tall kitchen cabinets, there are also better options for storage in many places inside the units.


Some complexes have better locations in terms of being close to stores and shops. People also like locations that allow some type of view from the units. With many places having floor to ceiling windows, it is often possible to find a place that features a water view or one of city lights at night. Some complexes achieve this by way of having multiple stories while others are set on a hillside area. Many of the apartments for rent in Oakland, CA have both features.

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There is a Mix of Apartments for Rent in Oakland, CA

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There is a Mix of Apartments for Rent in Oakland, CA

This article was published on 2012/06/11